SeaTALK Maritime English Training Modules

SeaTALK offers training modules corresponding to each rank and function of a seafarer on board a merchant marine vessel. The modules are aimed at a range of maritime professionals including Maritime English teachers in MET institutions, maritime students and cadets, employees of maritime companies, independent learners and other interested maritime parties. Although IMO Model Course 3.17, Maritime English, (2015 edition) aims to provide instruction for Maritime English teachers, guidelines as to materials and course structures remain undefined. It is known that teachers mostly rely on their own knowledge and experience and, at times, are forced to be creative. The SeaTALK training modules aim to support Maritime English teachers by providing opportunities to:

  • design course objectives, syllabus and classroom activities within the framework of STCW competences;
  • develop their own materials to match the relevant competences;
  • become aware of the communicative needs of seafarers in relation to the learning outcomes in the competence grid;
  • select, modify and exploit content from the learning materials platform according to their own students’ specific needs;
  • involve learners in tasks incorporating the communicative approach with a focus on the communicative functions of language;
  • manage assessment and develop their own tests.

Students, seafarers and independent learners can also benefit from this unique framework. Here they have the opportunity to:

  • access common Maritime English syllabi with a link for teaching/learning materials;
  • track progress in their studies from one competence to another;
  • familiarize themselves with the ECTS allocations in terms of formal educational components and ECVET points linked to the qualification;
  • verify and improve their level of knowledge of Maritime English with regard to IMO requirements.