SeaTALK Maritime English Training Modules - Engineer Officers (Management Level) - Description


 Module duration: 

90 hours, consisting of


60 hours


30 hours


MarTEL Phase 3 Marine Engineering Test

 Unit value:

Upper intermediate to advanced level of English

The SeaTALK Maritime English training module for Engineer Officers (Management Level) is designed to facilitate the English language proficiency of engineer officers within a realistic and vocation-specific context, thus concentrating on job-related vocabulary and other specific linguistic issues.

The content of the Maritime English training modules is modeled on competence-based outcomes derived from the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW 78, as amended). The training modules are navigable and user-friendly and offer transparency in terms of the STCW professional standards. They provide the user with an effective check-list of linguistic competences derived from competence-based learning outcomes. The methodology and process behind the training modules development is demonstrated by a flow chart.

The linguistic and pedagogical approaches applied in the SeaTALK Maritime English training modules are in line with the recommendations set out in the International Maritime Organization’s Model Course 3.17, Maritime English (2015 edition).