Ship's Correspondence: Safety Meeting Minutes

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  • Description: This unit (Unit 16) from the book 'Ship's Correspondence' focuses on terminology and phrases that are essential to compose and record minutes of the meetings which are held on board for various safety and security issues.
  • Maritime English
    Training Module:
    Deck Officers (Operational Level)
    Occupational Standard: 1. Use effectively all relevant documents related to work and international requirements (SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW as amended, ILO conventions; ISM, ISPS codes).
    Language Learning Outcome: 1.B Demonstrate knowledge and writing skills to complete check lists, log books and develop clear and coherent texts without causing misunderstanding
  • Author/Publisher: Nadezhda Ivasyuk
  • Guidelines: This learning material helps the learner to enhance his/her writing skill by concentrating on certain terminology and giving samples of minutes of various safety meetings while providing related exercises.
  • Length: 12 pages
  • Time: 0:50 h
  • Ship's Correspondence: Safety Meeting Minutes

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