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Last modified on Friday, 26 February 2016 09:24
  • Description: SMCP on safety and fire fighting, exercises; Web-based Maritime English Learning Tool MarEng/Advanced Level/SMCP : Safety and Fire Fighting, Exercises 1-9
  • Maritime English
    Training Module:
    Senior Deck Officers (Management Level)
    Occupational Standard: 6. The learner should be in full command of emergency procedures, make decisions, respond to emergencies, evaluate outcomes, manage teamwork
    Language Learning Outcome: 6.A The learner should be able to demonstrate confident use of Maritime and technical English when dealing with incidents, accidents, marine pollution, piracy and other emergency situations
  • Author/Publisher: MarEng partnership
  • Guidelines: 72 min cd + 72 min self-study/practice; glossary and pdf text file included; grammar sections included in MarEng. The MarEng Learning Tool follows a virtual ship on a voyage from port to port in Europe. During the voyage, the crew of the ship faces a number of routine and exceptional situations in which maritime English is used both on board and in port operations.
  • Length: 0,4 units
  • Time: 2:24 h
  • SMCP ; exercises

     Additional resources

  • Teacher's Manual: Lesson Plan Aid Sheet
  • Teacher's Manual: Answer Key
  • Teacher's Manual: Using the MarEng Plus Glossary
  • Glossary on MarEng and MarEng Plus Tools

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